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We are business application specialists who develop and implement business software that powers businesses.  

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Software that powers businesses

We specialise in helping companies use business applications or business software to make siginificant improvements.  It usually involves software applications in the areas of finance, operations, people, sales, and digital transformation.  

Software Solutions

for all areas of your business

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HR & Talent Management

Manage employee performance, accommodate elearning and centralize employee data.

Digital & Ecommerce

Gain competitive advantage by going digital and enable online transactions through ecommerce.

Finance & Operations

Integrated applications to manage core business processes from finance, sales, purchasing, to inventory management.

Custom Applications

Build tailor-made applications that fit your unique business process to maximize the result.

Helping companies make significant improvements

We are committed to helping you make improvements by developing and implementing the right software solutions.  By combining our unique knowledge in business process and technology, we can design solutions that help you gain competitive advantages, solve business problems, and become more efficient.

Technology Consulting Services

Enterprise Application Implementation

Implement a customisable enterprise applications to help mange your business operations.

Application Modernisation

Modernising your legacy business applications by upgrading to new platform and technology or rebuilding them completely.

Software Enhancement

Improving the functionality of your business application, such as adding new reports and adding new functionality on your existing systems.

Application Integration

Integrating different software applications on data or process level.

Digital Transformation

Integrating digital technology into all areas of your business from marketing, sales, and operations.

Business Application Strategy

Formulating the right strategy for choosing the right applications that support your business objectives.

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